Bluetooth general information

Bluetooth is an open standard for wireless connections between devices at close range. Thanks to Bluetooth, data exchanges between devices. Like this things can quickly be printed from a handheld computer or a mobile phone or use a wireless headset. The technique was developed by the Swedish Ericsson.

Bluetooth devices


Bluetooth is a radio link (in the 2.4 GHz band, which is in the frequency range UHF) voice and data at close range. It works ‘point to multipoint’, which means that a single source can serve more ‘recipients’. When two Bluetooth devices have made a connection, then its a so-called piconet an ad hoc network which links a wireless user group of devices. There may be in the same place several such pico nets coexist in what is called a scatternet. Within a piconet bluetooth supports up to eight different devices active while 127 devices may have a connection (these are temporarily “parked”).


The history of Bluetooth starts in 1994, when Ericsson was looking for an inexpensive way to establish communication via a radio link between mobile phones and other devices. It had set a target to make all kinds of cables between mobile phones and PC cards, headsets, desktop devices and so unnecessary. As the study progressed, the researchers became clear that the application for such a short-range radio link were legion.


Because the radio signals can be received by all receivers that are located in the vicinity of the Bluetooth devices, supports bluetooth in the basic protocol authentication and encryption. Authentication takes place by a secret key, which must be located on both devices. The Protocol, it does allow one device to another authenticate. After authentication, it is possible to encrypt the compound (encryption).

If the Bluetooth device is not sufficiently protected, can be transmitted through bluejacking information to the device. Reading unsolicited and therefore illegal in the documents is then called Bluesnarfing via bluetooth. Furthermore, a device can be disabled through bluesmacking. This is a denial-of-service attack using bluetooth. Bluesniffing is tapping Bluetooth traffic.

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