Bluetooth for PC

How to get Bluetooth on your PC

Most PCs don’t come with Bluetooth and there are multiple methods to configure Bluetooth on your machine so check which method suits you best.

Method 1 Using a Bluetooth adapter

There are many small and cheap Bluetooth adapters for sale online, most of the time these come with drivers to install/configure the device.
If you don’t have the driver you should check the adapters manufacturers website, these always provide the specific driver for the device you have.

Some PC’s already have Bluetooth but it might not be active or properly installed. If you’re not sure if your PC has Bluetooth then follow the steps on our post here to see if you have Bluetooth.


Method 2 Using an Android device as Bluetooth dongle

Using this method you can get Bluetooth on your PC without buying an adapter. Android has several apps that allow to use it as Bluetooth device for your PC.

Help Checking if you have a Bluetooth device.

Open Device Manager by using the command line. At a command prompt, in the Start Search box, or in the Run box, type the following command:



This will open the device manager, you should look for a device simulair to this picture:


If there is a Bluetooth driver that means you already have one and don’t need an external one.

If you see a yellow exclamation mark that means you need to install the correct driver for the device click here to read how.

Howto Find the correct driver software for your Bluetooth device/adapter.

In the device manager right click your device and open Properties, it should show which manufacturer made the device and which version/model name it has. Now you have to go to the official site of the manufacturer for example Samsung and look for the driver/software on their official site.

Bluetooth stack Universal Bluetooth conection manager software

You will need special software to manage your Bluetooth connections. There are many difrent applications for this, most of the time you will automatically install it when you install the diver. If you don’t have it installed and you have the device is ready to use(see help section) then you should download this software to manage your Bluetooth connections, we recommend you use a free open source executable for this called FreeBT you can download it here.


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